thoughts of the day

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Loveliest Lovely List:
lost and found dove chocolate bars
themed weddings
freshly laundered sheets
**Wyatt **
pb&j nighttime snacks
the Wendy's Toffee frosty commercial
time to sketch
Mr. Lyons
oh and the new Prius commercial!!! fan-friggin-tastic

Discovery of the Day:
It is time to grow...and do what I have been called to do...it is time to have time to doodles for bucks...time to breathe inspiring mood boards and color storys daily...it is time to stop deciding whether i should buy my best friends baby shower gift or pay a bill a little early...it is time to think about where my house will be...what my pyrex dishes will look like...which sprinkler set to use for hot summer day....
it is time
(that kinda reminds my of Rafiki in the Lion King. heehee)

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