So What

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Blog postings like this, remind me:
so what I don't have curves like Beyonce, Im petite and pocket-size
so what my legs aren't as long as Giselle's, i'm blessed to have a pair of proportioned and toned stems
so what your abs aren't as defined as they were 2 yrs ago: i've given birth to an amazing girl and i like food.
so what your boobs aren't volumptuous and full, i can buy bras to help with that, then take it off and go braless under my tanks.
So what my arms aren't twiggy: i lift a 30lb mini chick over a million times a day so my arms are scultped to do just that.
So what I'm not wearing $800 shoes in the rain; i am not willing to spend more than I make
So what ....
So What ....
So What ....
What is your "So What"?

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