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Why, hello there lovelies....

I have been away far too long and I do apologize...(shaking finger at self)
I have been involved in a lot of work for both (r-ki-tekt)
and trying to become a Goody two shoe
(I will hopefully be able to elaborate on the latter a bit more next week)

My nights have been consumed with Illustrator, which I haven't had to used since college 2 years ago...so I got a wee bit rusty, but have worked out all the kinks.

I have gotten 3 HUMUNGO orders for Daiene and (Plain) Jaine...
which I am super excited about...and have kept my hands busy
The hun always reminds me that this is what I have wanted for a long time, but going to bed at 3 for the past 4 nights (of course topped with middle of the night wake-up hollers from the munkin) has not been so good on the body.

I hate that I have to create this post, but I must let those that do read my postings know that I will be stepping out for a second to wrap up these projects and will return (seriously this time)

with hopefully some lovely news to share.

Before I go, here is a

Loveliest Lovely List:
Caged metal and glass a la the pyramids at the Louvre, Galleria Umberto
Chloe forming sentences---and they are actually making sense
graph paper
packing up Etsy orders
Publix Buttercream Birthday Cake---makes for a sinful mid-night snack
freshly blow dryed hair
Offical countdown to my birthday starts on the 16th----whooooooopwhooooop!!
lovely outlets to pour your feelings

oooh i just can't take a leave...so I will post mini posts....
ok i feel better....

I adore you all. Bon nuit mon petit oiseau...BisousBisous

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