No. 7- Dress Accordingly

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This past year, I have lived in one pair of Anlo jeans that
I purchased from the boutique I work in.
They started out as perfect blue denim skinnies with
the perfect amount of stretch and to top it off, it had a
sweet raised bow stitched on the back pocket.
I currently have the perfect pair of worn-well jeans with
two lovely organic shaped holes at each knee...blah!!!

As I have tried throughout the year to put myself on a jean ban,
i just simply can't help but return to these jeans.

I truly believe year 24 is a new phase.
Having joined the blogosphere about a year ago, I have been exposed
to pretty pretties that have made my heart melt, re-mold, and then melt again.
I have finally come to terms that pink is my favorite colour.
Flowers are amazing to receive. And a dab of parfum changes
my mood instantly. I guess I have come to
embrace the uber feminine side.
Which, to be frank, I have fallen in love with

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