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I for one am a candy-holic!
I don't have a sweet tooth, my hole dern mouth is sweet...
so because i lack
(ohhh lackED, finally have benefits~ whoopwhoop)
proper dental care, I have decided to give the candy bowl
the good ol' heeeeaaaavvvvvee hooooo.
The mouth is the epicenter for the rest of the body. If it is not healthy,
the rest of you won't be either.
I've had to get a root canal once before and am not interested in a follow up
So my gum of choice will be Trident to replace my yummy Bubblicious.
I am cutting out the Laffy Taffy's, the SweetTarts, The Dove bars...
(well maybe i will have one every other week...chocolate balances me out. Hey im in a long distance relationship)

**Rules apply after my birthday**

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