pretty penny pinching

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at Forever21-$5

at Anthropologie $128

at Modcloth.com-$37

at TopShop-$55

At TopShop-$60

Total===$285 plus tax and possible shipping(thumbs down)
not bad huh???

in light of having a few extra dollars
i have been misbehaving on the shopping front.
And not wisely, I must say
I have be dishing out moohlah
a bit too freely and surprisingly
funds dip lower and lower the more you eat out
hmmmm...who knew??!

So I have made the decision to do two things:
Even though I shop sale/clearance/vintage/thrift 99.2%
(the other .8% is gas groceries and diapers)
I must figure out a rhythm that
will keep some money in my coin purse and account, yet not feel as if I am punishing myself.
(you all know how that goes: when you're told not to press the big red button, you end up standing on that big red button)
2. I will shop online....
i know it doesn't seem like much of change, but for me, online boutiques help me. I am able to see everything that is available, i don't feel the pressure of shopgirls or other customers (you know the ones that breathe down your neck to see whether you are going to take that last size small or not so you end up getting it just to show them who's boss and to feel as if you won a prize)
Online I get to create wishlists' to my favorite stores. I don't have to make my mind up right then and there...i can wait a bit (and it might even go on sale while I wait)...some wishlists' total out your items. This helps me weed out which items I can and can't live without.

So the above photos are my weeded items...the items that I continue to go back to and swoon over and crave! The ones that I truly feel as though I will wear and not let them slip off of the hanger in the early morning and leave on the closet floor.
(yes, I am guilty of showing favoritism in that sense. But that I am getting much much better at that.)

Spring is right around the corner and I am itching to get to H&M for their Garden Collection chock full of pretty florals and dresses for tea and yummy yummness!!
(only to prevent them from tearing up and throwing away their unsold merchandise **winkwink**)

how do you control your constant cravings to indulge in pretty pretties???

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