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I am super excited. This makes round 2 of our (the hun and mine and mini of course) efforts to make it to the Lone Star State. During Christmas there was freak storm that snowed in the town we were visiting and i forgot to purchase trip insurance....meaning we lost over a grand in moolah to the wind.

So this time around booked through the airline site, tagged on the insurance and now i am making my long list of things to pack....for Chloe.

I tell ya, traveling to my nearby Target is a venture and needs concise packing, so i am a tad overwhelmed by the idea of traveling to an entire state without every everyday necessity.
But the hun reassures me that all will be lovely!

I hope the altitude hits Chloe like a brick and puts her fast asleep! Anyone got any tricks to hushing a fussy 2 year old on a plane!!!???
Please Share!

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