self intervention

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So, as i have discovered while on this long blogging journey, that the deeper i dive into it...
the more I crave.....
I admit, it becomes slightly depressing when
you see lovelies GIVEN Miu Miu pink crystal encrusted platform
maryjane's from spring 2010 collection
(or how about those blue-black sparrow ones...swoon)

And I find that I am stuck....

my job and existence require me to
search for beauty,
so i research
find beauty
then want to house all the pretty things

I am well aware that life should not be made based upon the "purchase-ables"
but good grief there are tons of lovelies
out there
waiting to be owned and loved,
by me in particular.

so...hello I am Kelly and i am addicted to random pretty things.

I believe what will have to happen here
to prevent
any self inflicting wounds
my bank account,
I will have to drastically minimize my time
(which pours well over 4hours intervals twice a day) blogging.
(dun dun duuuun (horror themed music) )

I never imagined it would be this amazing
continually discover a freshness of air that is
filled with others
so amazed and intrigued about
the world around them as I.

I will still be adding to my personal blog,
but the salivating at my keyboard will come to a halt.

Wish me luck

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