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Oiy i haven't been treating my baby so well...
(R-KI-TEKT) that is...
I had to fill an order last night and found myself full enveloped in the
organic nature of creating a piece...
Though it was only a Jaine, one of the more simple less intricate styles, i still stepped back and adored the step-by-step-ness of it's birth.
Since beginning my job, designing hair accessories for a much larger company that does not allow for such an intimate creative experience, i have not had the time or energy to devote to my line. I love the whole unplanned creation of....everything. Just letting things flow. Working with whatever fabric scraps, leather strips and buttons and ribbon that have fallen to the bottom of the bin....to make something your heart admires.
I base my success on my availability and time for self-expression,
and i must say i have not been so successful as of late.

siiiiiigh....so little time in a day and the to-do list has wrapped around the parking deck twice.

I have been hinting to this for a while...i have quite a bundle of newbies already created and ready to sit atop your head, but they have not been listed yet.
i have renewed a few lovelies in the shoppe

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