you never know when...

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I stumbled upon a blog I follow, expecting to find the usual daily dose of random pretty things, photos of meals and confessions of how one really felt while walking down the park. But today I found something, pure, somber and sobering. A story of love found and love recently lost.
(warning: if you are at work like i am, be prepared to get up from your desk, table, all visibility because the sentiment and emotion will be left on you face in the form of dampness and rouge.) Love at it's purest, yet most difficult....here


  1. i saw this yesterday and burst into tears. it made me think about how i never want to gripe or nag at ed ever again. so painfully sad. shoot, my eyes are welling up again. :(

  2. I am vowing never to whine, gripe, complain about disorderly spoons and towels ever. Thank goodness i am leaving the office shortly because I, now, look like a wreck from ballin my eyes out.... Send Ed my hello's

    oh and we must must must catch up miss ginny! so sad i missed the she & him show. i guess i will have to press repeat on my ipod for now.