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Fawning for the ability to line my lids like she does!

But i have to say i (along with many others) are frustrated with the fashion industry and the lack of creative direction that is taking place with the cover of October's Vogue UK magazine.
The above image is flawless beauty image that appears on a fashion magazine.
Which leaves me to ponder:

Where the heck is the rest of her!?

Adele has most certainly been theeeee most influential chanteusse that has hit the airwaves. "21", i believe has taught many the difference between real music
(i.e. 2011 VMA's performance shut the world up and they most certainly heard) and the benefit of auto tune
(which i must say is the robbers invisible getaway car and it completely tricks the naive ear into thinking someone has a morsel bit of talent when they in fact don't)

Full Props should be given where props are due!
This woman has a figure of a Woman!
Not of a 12 year old portraying a woman!
She has said before how much she loves and accepts her physique and that
Vogue UK is the most beautiful thing a woman can ever wear: Confidence!
It urks me to witness the blatant discrimination that occurs in this industry.

(ex. Elle featuring Gabourey Sidibe)

If a magazine is going to feature tips and tricks on beauty, maybe
they should begin with an in-house assessment of the staff
appointed to make such recommendations.
They truly have a lot to learn

Best & Bisous,

Miss Kelly

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