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Li Xiaofeng

Describe the steps to make your porcelain clothing sculptures. Firstly, composing the piece is a process. I must reflect a lot about it. I must make a rough sketch, compose, reject it and start again. Sometimes, I straightaway use Plasticene or wire to create a model. After this, after confirming the period of the shards, I classify the colour of the patterns, then put together a rough arrangement of the shards, cut and polish each piece. This is a very repetitive process. I must pay close attention to the modeling as well as the original pattern colour of the shards. I then must weld the pieces and make the final adjustments.

How long did it take you to create the LACOSTE Porcelain Polo sculpture? How many shards did you use ? It took me over three months to create the piece for LACOSTE. I used over three hundred shard pieces! I was trained as an oil painter. When an artist finishes a painting, no one ever calculates how many brush strokes or how much paint was used. As long as you reach the ideal effect, it’s fine. This has become one of my habits.

How did you find it to use a computer program instead of your usual methods to link the shards for the printed version of the LACOSTE Porcelain Polo ? Using a computer is very convenient. It makes humans return to a virtual truth. What is different to producing the ceramic artworks is that it loses the feeling of connecting with the spirit of the people in ancient times by personally touching the ceramic shards. Nonetheless, this time when I created the printed piece for LACOSTE, it gave me a new opportunity to realiZe my ideas. After the piece “Cheongsam” came about, I had an idea to use firing to create a new work. I could better express the things I wanted to though the patterns on the shards and the modeling. This gave a greater space for the expression of my ideas.

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