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hypnotic, is it....
Eerie too...
when i first found out who she was
during my late night sewing days in college i went online,
myspace (at that) to research
and found this video from one of her early press tours
and fell in love.
many had and still have a problem with her gritty lyricism, but i
was and still am so ridiculously captivated by her
ability to churn out this amount of magic
from such a painful source.
she is a gem unfortunately lost
in the music industry...
I am still not "over it"...
whatever that means

With all the glorified auto-tuned "songtresses" and momentary divas
of today, that feel as though they
to create videos that exploit they're controversial affairs,
it was beyond sweet relief to have
a voice like Amy's leak over the speakers.

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