KONY 2012

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Hiya there lovelies!!!

I ask you kindly for your attention.
That means no phone, no pinning, no music.
But your open eyes, ears and mind.

This blog's sole purpose is make one aware of new things.
To discover.
This Video is the Discovery of the year because of such a great initiative.
Nothing strikes a cord with me greater than children that have lost there ability to be children.

Something must be done.
As designers, Artists, bloggers, entertainers....voices.
We must make ourselves heard and make the
invisible VISIBLE!!

I am not sure of how i can directly contribute from a business point of view,
but my spirit has been stirred to do something.
And posting this video is only the beginning.

Let join the forces for peace and make KONY FAMOUS!!
tweet about him, "status update" about him, Blog about him!
Let his face and actions be known so they can be stopped.

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