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Happy Thursday!!!! 
We live in an apartment complex and are always receiving Chinese food/Pizza/Wings menus slipped into the crack of our door. And I hate having to just throw them away (because I know it cost moolah for small businesses to print marketing material) But there is one thing that really bugs me when it arrives at the front door and/or mailbox.....the phone book. It's so big. Uses so much paper. The print is so tiny. I could really go on & on but I digress.
 It is a bittersweet feeling actually.  Reminds me of much simpler, less tech-savvy times when talking to your device can unlock the secrets of the world. You know, "the good ole days."
 We have one (the mini one) stowed away in our coat closet for "emergencies" like the internet flipping out and needing to order Thai food fast. 
But I found these lovely prints that express my sentiments exactly....

Thanks, but No Thanks! 

They are from  
which is chock full of colorful, printed goodness!!!
And dig this!? 
It's only one cent!!! 
So if you have a fix for graphics and are on a tight budget this month
these are for sure "argument with le hub" proof!

 discovered here


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