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  1. Sweater: Zara
  2. Tank: J. Crew
  3. Pants: Forever 21
  4. Necklace: Anthropologie
  5. Belt: Thrifted

Channeling my former cheerleader self for a high pony.

Wow, that was a doozy of a Wednesday.
Work has been crazy busy, which is why the posts have been on the 
light slash non-existent side.
My apologies...

There has been a lot going on outside of the cube too!
If you Follow or Like me you have probably heard me announce 
that the lovely gals over at 
chose me and ATD to join the Gap Styldby campaign!!!
(toe touch!!!!)
I posted about the 1st round of loveliness here 
It was such a shock and such a sweet offer.
I will post a teensy-weensy-smidgen-bit of the behind the scenes in a bit.
I had a blast meeting the other bloggers that were included in the shoot, which were
who might I add can seriously WERK IT beyond belief. 

To all you that do read or scroll through,
thanks, merci, gracias, grazie, 謝謝, danke!!
I truly appreciate you time, which I know is valuable, 
so to have a morsel of it is golden.


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