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Gotye-  Somebody That I Used To Know

This song makes me much less 
apathetic about the direction of the 
music industry as of late...
(for me) 
proved to be the turning point
especially with Adele's 21 releasing in the 1st quarter.
I was introduced to this song on 
(whispering---American Idol when Phillip and Elise---who are my 2 faves beyond measure for their
stick to who I am persona's ---sang it in the company of a dizzying 3D optical illusion as there backdrop)
Though mellow, this track is on repeat hardcore.
Not at all a reflection of my current state, 
yet the musicality, subject and that Kimbra's belt-out  (whooo)
has got me in traffic wishing I was geometrically painted and 
posted up next to a hot guy with an accent. 
See another live performance here
 I love building my catalog with random 
yesness that hits the best and most melodic chord.
I tell my hub & friends all the time, in my next life
i have to do something in the music industry or broadway. 
My heart seriously zings when my ears are attended to.

So what's new on your playlist?

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