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Cardigan: Target/ Tee:Forever 21 (old)/Flowers: All Goody (past seasons)/ Belt:Thrifted

Happy Tuesday Beauts!!!

I hope you all are feeling well rested at least a morsel of a bit 
after the holiday weekend.
What did I do?
Sleep and boy was it great!
I slipped in a leeeeetle bit of work, added some dope newbies to the shoppe, but mostly just lounged around the pool, house, mum's pad and snuggled with the hubs at the Taco Mac over a 
saucy basket of wings.

So after lounging in weekend wear, staring at the closet for 30 minutes looking for a magic outfit, is probably what your morning looked like.
My solution to uninspiring mornings 100% of the time is color.
Most drift over to the dark side & pull the black-on-black-on black number, but I've found that the more color you shellack on the better and is an instant mood lifter.
Pairing Bright Coral and Cobalt has been in heavy rotation on 
style boards and I love it. To add even more of a dash, chartreuse-y flowers and a gold metal hair clip come along for the ride.
The Key is, "The Hone In", to help balance out all the brightness going on.
In my case, it is usually a gold belt. 
(I have 4 that are always in regular rotation)

So, grab your cup of tea or coffee and start your morning on a 
brighter and color drenched note.



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