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Happy Tuesday Loves!!

Speaking of loves, I thought I talk about my hun-hub.
Tomorrow is our 11 month anniversary. 
Yup, its almost a whole entire year.  
And boy what an experience it has been.
They say that your first year is always the hardest. 
We didn't live together before we tied the knot so there was and still is, a lot of learning and 
getting used to, but let me tell there is absolutely no other man I'd rather "get use to", 
playground pick on and cook for than him. 
The other week I was asked by the lovely 
Jaclyn of Stay In the Lines to drop some 
advice for those that are prepping for the big day. 
And one of my favorites was to remember to keep dating. 
It's the most fun, yet most difficult factor to remember
because you see each other every day so there isn't a moment to really "miss" your spouse unless they travel quite often.  
So keeping spunk is definitely essential. 
Its not always about trying to look like a VS angel or having a Superbowl sized piping hot platter of wings & a beer ready for him when he walks in. 
I think its more about seeing how many ways can you make the other laugh and fully enjoy the present.  Yes, its hard to not be bothered by how he arranges the plastic containers or understand why he sits the way he sits or CHEW'S the way he does.
 (come on ladies!!you know what i'm talkin about! I saw a few heads nod at that one!)
But, the happier moments totally outweigh the murky. And are beyond worth it. 
So, ladies let's play Sadie and get yourselves dolled up for a date night with your hun
consider balancing something he likes with something you love that doesn't involve 16 sports screens.

Hope you have a merry May Day!!!

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