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OH the beast that is procrastination....
when everything else, except work seems to call your name like a
juicy burger during swimsuit season. We all battle it.
We all know it exists, hell you're probably give way to it right now while reading this.(but don't stop)
When I feel like it has taken hold of me via, Pinterest, Vimeo, Twitter, Netflix, doodles, or some other agent, I go for a walk.  In the office I'm limited, so my "walk" is more like a drive and the road usually  leads to the thrift store.  There I can find bundles of randomness that can spark inspiration for new shapes, color palettes or products altogether.
So what my seem like procrastination via shopping, its actually research...
or a least that's what I tell my hub when i come home with a 
handful of scarves and assorted plates. 
(hope he isn't reading today---- eeeep!)
 How do you battle procrastination?  I would love some wallet friendly feedback.

Have a Happy Thursday!


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