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Learning the art of balance takes time...
Learning just how long to stay up,
how long to stay out
how many yes'
how many no's ...

Just what is right? 
As a indie-designer, "in the cube" designer,  wife, mother, daughter, sister
the mere "having" of a role can be quite cumbersome.
Especially when you realize that it is 3 am and you are awake building your future
and there still seems to not be enough hours in the day to tackle it all. 
But finding a rhythm.... a pace that allows you to reflect and breath and reboot, is golden when it does happen.
Because my life is a go-go-go life I force myself to block periods on my calendar to process my lengthy to do lists & consolidate my post-its  Yes, that means sometimes I have to physically schedule a planning period, or breaks to the ladies room just to ensure it happens. 
If not I'd burst...literally. 

In other news! 
The latest issue of Rue Magazine has hit screens!! 
In this issue I am featured, along with 3 other bloggers for the 
Gap Styld By campaign. So throughout the week I will feature a few behind the scenes snaps taken.  It was such a fantastic experience hanging out with such a shining group of ladies, each strong bloggers, writers, photographers, stylists that made the magic happen.
If you haven't checked it out just yet, take a little prance over here.
Strap on your swoon cap, grab a little snack, because you might be there for a while.


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