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It was the hardest thing to select which photos to select for this board
because of the plethora of yesness that exists on her style. 
i can't explain the urge to thrift/shop altogether 
when Solange pops up.
Look at her zing....
her spark....
her style is EVERYTHING!!!
In my head we would be friends and i would call her So-So
(don't look at me crazily. i know i am not the only one that has imagi-celebs-bffs)

I think I connect with her a tad bit more because 
not just for her eclecticism, but more so for the fact that she 
is a young mother making shit happen for herself.
Yes, she has more of a name boost than most but
she has definitely succeeded at creating a path of her own that 
separates her from the pack. 

Find more of my Solange style selects here!

Happy Monday!!!!!

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