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Happy Monday!!
No I am not confused...
I know Mondays are usually the toughest to welcome, but this one is a bit different.
The hub and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday 
and we are finally in party mode.
To be completely transparent, 
marriage is the hardest adjustment I have ever had to conform to.
Harder that child birth for sure, because at least after labor and birthing, the pain fades away. 
But with marriage there are constant huffs-n-puffs, smile & nods, and disagreements...but those are sincerely in the shadows compared to the awesomeness that happens. No there aren't picnics everyday, but there are tickle wars 
almost nightly....at 2am. 
Yes, he sees me with my clay mask on & looking like a total mook
but he also puts my head in his lap and strokes my hair.
(which makes me melt) 
I've said it before: the dishwasher is still a peeve, but it becomes less of a peeve when you succumb to the fact that he is actually loading the dishwasher without me asking.
I count that as a win!!

So, yes this may seem a bit confusing, but
now I am in full Bride-To-Be mode and am 
ready to celebrate this partnership
with my bestest friend.
We did a court union and a dinner with immediate family afterward, but never had the ceremony, vow exchange, bouquet toss or anything. 
Since the last time I asked for advice, there have been many changes,
palette swaps, venue swaps and total "theme" overhauls
but I have decided to make my life less hellacious and simplify the creation of this event.
Especially since I do not have a planner
(an option I don't recommend)
Ideas flooded my mind and craft closet and eventually consumed me. 
Anxiety attacks ensued and that's when I knew a lot has got to give. 
A chopping of the guest list, location, vendors, dreams had to happen in order make it work. 
I made the decision---a hard one---to have a life after the ONE day that celebrates our love. 
Many couples fall into pits of despair planning a wedding on a financially rocky foundation, but with love on clouds and still end up paying for it after their divorce.  I am not willing to sacrifice our stability to have perfect chair covers and butt loads of flowers that I can't take home and will die in 24 hours. Some are able to do this, and I applaud them and swoon over there day on Pinterest.
But as for me---I just want to dance my ass off and eat great cake and take photos with the people I love. 

Here is a morsel more of wedding advice for all you brides or girlfriends planning your big day.

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