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there are times where i simply miss school...
not just because I didn't have the 
ginormous list of responsibility 
and got to dance around the south 
as free as a bird,
(ok...maybe that is the large chunk)
but because of the projects that were given. 
Yeah, the timelines were unreasonable and tight, but the 
broadening of the mind and skill was almost therapeutic in a sense.

I had a stippling project during my 2nd year that drove me absolutely bonkers.
dot after dot after dot 
strategically placed to ultimately create a picture.
a perfectly shaded picture without using actual strokes. 
Art students typically have mini breakdowns...
this was my first
(so i kind of hold it near and dear----haha)
but the outcome made me proud.

Working in an environment that does not require me to push myself creatively 
has been paralyzing, i would say.
so I have had to find other outlets to ensure that the elasticity of my talents remains.
but that is significantly difficult when time is my biggest enemy. 
Sometimes i feel as if my life is one big stippled piece....
dot after dot after dot being place everywhere for a slow build...
but sometimes I would prefer a larger brush stroke...

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