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Good Morning Lovelies! 

So I thought I'd start the morning with a refreshing cup of color.
(hope you all aren't sick of me talking about my obsession with it)
Coach has recently jumped on the color cruise and infused 
amazing, rich, ROY G BIV palettes with pops of 
brights and metallics.
You should have seen me the other day running after 
a gal in my building just to ask her where she snagged her
And in all honesty, I was a bit shocked. 
But it was a pleasant shock.
The dancing tassels, the fold, the leathah.
And oh the pop!
So I pulled some of my favorite picks
(which was actually difficult) 
and added them to my wishlist.
Given that I was allotted a 
"you don't have any responsibilities" chunk of change
these would not be on my wishlist but perfectly slung
across my bodice and on my feet. 
Especially those gold Loafers....
Didn't you just die??? 

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** this post expresses the un-sponsored view of ATD**

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  1. I'm not typically a huge color person but this is inspiring..