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I have not a problem wearing prints and patterns to the office.
And of course they have to be sprinkled with a dose
of color and shine.
I think wearing a suit is more like punishment and 
couldn't even bear to imagine it...
the office elders may give me double-takes in the elevator, 
but that only tells me I did it right.
Just wanted to share some Cube Life fun that I added to my atmosphere the other day. 
A few weeks ago the CEO announced that jeans were acceptable 
on any day of the week.
(there was a roar of cheers)
If you work in a corporate environment, you know how 
big of a deal this is. 
Thinking of the extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning made my heart race slightly. 
Plus, there are just somethings that look better with jeans than with black Audrey's.

I would love to see how you keep your colorful personality in 
a office setting. 
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