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“Do one thing everyday that scares you.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt
As a designer, I am apart of a very, very long chain of creatives that are trying to 
get their foot in the door or on the web.
And everyday I supply my option on trend during my day job or sacrifice hours of sleep
to hover over my table piecing accessories together,
I am taking a risk.
I am putting my heart out there to be judged and
criticized with the hope that I will get a second glance from viewers and shoppers. 
I am taking a leap off of the comfort cliff into waters and trying to swim against and with the currents all at the same time. That in itself is not just scary...it's terrifying. 
As an indie supporting the growth of my business on my own
(meaning not sponsored)
taking risks doesn't come as easily. Everything that is supposed to be very organic, must now be very calculated because every error costs. I wish I could develop all the magic that is floating around in my head, but sometimes...a lot of times, safety is my best bet.
i am looking forward to the day where work is not work and is more passion put into the third dimension.  When glitter rains from the ceiling and music fills the studio.
I am hoping that more opportunities to develop and collaborate emerge so I can continue to bring the lovely. 
Because honestly, what is the world without it?

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