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So I am constantly looking for new places to go in Atlanta, but I am always
sucked back in the portal of familiarity. So I thought that it would be nice to share
with you guys the new places I discover. 
You wouldn't believe how much of Atlanta I haven't seen, even though I have been here for 
a million years.  I'm hoping that will change big time. 
But here are my mainstay-never fails

Boutique of choice:
for a number of reasons.  Not only are the shop girls the cutest and coolest, their collection of Free People, Hobo, Frye blended with local artists make for hours of unearthing.
And the best part is that it is in the center of Decatur
(a city made for strollin')

Lunch Spot:
Two words: Lavendar Biscuits
It's right around the corner (drive wise)
from Squash Blossom, so after you get your shopping done, 
you can refuel in their cafe setting.

Thrifting Troves: 
There are quite a few in ATL but I only get to visit certain ones because of my location and schedule. 
Rag-O-Rama: great for hipster and vintage fashion exchange
Good ole Goodwill: Perimeter is the location I frequent. (shopping buddy's are welcome) 
Poor Little Rich Girl:  for mounds and mounds of yesness.

Brunch with the Girls:
(Old 4th Ward location preferably)
If partying is your gig, this is a definite must for 
Saturday brunch hour. 
Still in the mood for breakfast, 
choose from peanut butter french toast or Sweet potato Pancakes 
topped with caramelized brown sugar drizzle....
If your in the mood for good ol southern nods try the Shrimp & Grits (with jalepeno focaccia) or the Barbeque Chicken 
topped with crunchy cole slaw.

Dinner Date:
Perfect for a date night the beau. It has a great urban, lofty feel with awesome lighting, perfect for gazing into your hun's eyes
If you are comfortable enough to (really) eat and not nimble like a bird I would recommend the Brisket. It literally melts in your mouth.
The macaroni & cheese is pretty awesome too if you are in the mood for comfort food.

Wet Your Whistle:
With a outdoor rooftop option how could this not be on the list. You can overlook the city skyline from two directions and lounge on
lofty seating while sipping on sweet libations and nimbling on 
mini pretty food.

Hope this helped anyone planning a mini venture to the city.
And if you have any recommendations for me to wander to, feel free to 
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  1. I didn't know you reside in Atlanta, I go to school in downtown decatur, i love it there!I would certainly live there. Squash blossom is a awesome store. I got a scrabble piece necklace from there check it out as a cool place on my blog

    1. Yup Im in Atlanta. I have such a soft spot for Decatur. It's full of treasures.
      Thanks for stopping by.