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Happy Friday Everyone! 
I Hope you have greatness planned for this weekend.  
Even if it is just staying in and catching up on your shows you missed during the week.
But maybe your planning an outing with the beau or gals.

So, if you are at all like me you are busy, 
on an budget, and in love.
Three things that don't compliment each other at all, 
but seem to always be a mainstay. 
The Hub and I are always looking for opportunities 
for some alone and adult time
(not the frisky kind, just the swanky kind without kiddy shows blaring in the background)
I am not the type to shop for myself all the time, even though I would LOVE to.
 Time is usually a major factor and so are expenses.
But when I do get the chance to indulge, I like to purchase pieces that are not only flattering 
to my curves, but to the rest of my wardrobe.  
I hate it when I splurge on a 1-wear piece---
You know that pattern skirt that 
goes with absolutely nothing else in your closet. Yup.... That!
I tend to purchase pieces that compliment my work life, 
but never my love life.
Leaving me in a frump when it comes to dressing 
for an impromptu date night.
That is why I decided to focus on these pants. 
They are such a great foundation piece for the 
transitioning season. 
Nice slim cropped fit paired with a great 
Autumn color that can work 
with a variety of hues and occasions.

These outfits would be perfect for
  running around the office during line review season or maybe an 
evening stroll through the High Museum of Art.

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