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I consider myself quite reserved.
According to my hub who is my ying to my yang, 
I'm sometimes too uptight. 
He is willing to dance in the frozen food section at the grocery store.
He is fearless at that is the main thing I love about him. 
This quality always gets me thinking about the things 
that keep me in my bubble. 
I think when I became a mother (at 22) I thought there was a certain 
image I had to portray and an identity I had to let go of. 
which became the gateway for the broom stick.
But lately I have been trying to remove the barb wire fence that I have place
around my life and ask myself "Why Not" a whole lot more. 
This question allows me to just go the hell on and do whatever I 
feel like doing. 
Starting with my clothing.  If you have been following me for a while you may know that 
I work in a corporate environment. Not too rigid, but it is corporate none-the-less. 
So, this is where I insert my fancy for the dot, stripes and color. 
Totally not interested in a head to toe get up. 
After all, I am an artist first and foremost.
(You can find my happy feet and bright ensembles here)
I have also decided to let my hair do what it wants. 
Possibly going natural, but for now just enjoying the free bird curls as I like to call them.
Wild and carelessly spiraled---it just makes me feel relaxed. 
A How To for this is on my list of thing to do for CubeLifeStyle.
This is by far not the last thing I will be doing to free myself, but I will be dancing in and out of the aisles a lot more. 
When a man as hot as my hub asks you to dance, 
damn it you get up and get your shimmy on and 
enjoy the laughs while you have them. 
I'd love to here about how 
you "free ya mind" and body 
(a la En Vogue).



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