Happy Matri-Monday

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Photographer: Jeremy Harwell
My Clothing: Annie Griffin 
His Suiting: Billy Reid
Florals: Maria Taylor for Amy Osaba
Popsicles: King of Pops
Make-Up/Hair: Self

Happy Monday!!!
So, I figured I would share some of the 
outtakes/ extras of the photoshoot le hub and I did for 
Atlanta Wedding Magazine
(Fall issue on new stands now! eeeep) 

I thought that along with my daily findings and 
inspirations and on going honesty posts,
 I would share a little bit of our wedding with you. 
I was initially a little skeptical . 
I wanted to cherish these moments [for myself] and not taint them...
but I figured that the whole purpose of the celebration is to share and spread the luuurve.
So now, after a few months have passed and the crazy has settled, here we go!
I intend on giving some advice on keeping the love-high going, even after lulls partially inspired by senseless arguments over the dishwasher and the last slice of cake being eaten
Even some craft ideas for the budgetista in every bride. Let's face it, not all of us are marrying a prince these days, nor are we heiresses to multi-million dollar fortunes, so saving pennies might be more important than 5,000 rose petals raining down on you from a hot-air balloon.

So if you have any topics of discussion you would like to see featured, DIY ideas, or any advice you would love to give the readers, feel free to drop me a email.

I hope you all are having a great start to this week!
Cheers to completed projects, healthy lunches ruined by cafe treats, and that online order that is waiting for you when you get home.  
(Because its after 5 somewhere)




  1. Beautiful wedding photos! And so cool you had King of Pops there! Yum! Didn't realize you were also married! Happy Monday!
    Pocket of Presh

    1. Hey Natalie! Thanks so much!
      These were actually from our Engagement shoot scheduled after we were married. We had a civil union first then a year later had our celebration. Super confusing I know.

  2. cant wait to hear your advice. the bf and i are moving in together very soon. have never lived with a boy let alone a boyfriend!!