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This is a perfectly styled room. 
The cool grey (nod to the "greige" days) with the pops of 
color, just makes my heart zing. 

Le Hub and I are starting to talk about housing locations.
We are currently narrowing down our favorite towns and styles and 
will begin the hunting process shortly.
The thought of being a homeowner is always preceded by 
all of the possibilities of creating a fantastic space. 
Schemes, furniture, spacing....it's endless, yet thrilling. 
Being in such an uninspiring apartment during the launch of 
Pinterest and tons of interior blogs and magazines 
has been been bittersweet. 
Sucks because I can't freely knock out and paint walls, but great because I 
can harvest stunning images of inspiration that 
I can widdle down and pull from when the time calls. 

oh the plight of becoming older....

Sweet Dreams Lovelies.


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