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Happy Monday Lovebirds!

So this past weekend was a normal, uneventful one. 
But it also happened to be one of the most important of our relationship and marriage. 
No it wasn't an anniversary, nor did we take a vacation. 
We communicated. 
Sorry if the build up was pretty strong, but I find that this element is 
the hardest of all in a marriage and once you make progress toward the better, 
it should be celebrated. 

Now, we are both very passionate and strongly opinionated people. 
Love to be heard and have a case of imrightyourewrong-itous.
So when my husband sits me down for brunch and tells me 
that he hears me, understands my complaints, values me, and 
is willing to progress with me, 
my only option is to comply and subsequently melt. 
After the tiffs and bumps that we've had, we are starting to understand that 
it is not the pouty "I'm sorry" with a hearty dinner that heals the wounds. 
And in a rare case neither can shoes and a trip to Anthropologie. (very rare)
Helping your partner understand that you value their time, love and overall existence
makes the gloomier days a bit bright and helps preserve the FIYAH!
Know that marriage is not glitter bombs everyday. 
It is the joining of two individuals set out on an adventure to become one. Often 
times it is in a confined space, or with sickness latched on, or financial struggles.
Make the most and very best of it by showing your life-long crush that they mean more to you
than tea and Pinterest! 




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