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Happy Monday! 
I realize that it is a wee bit late for all you on the east coast
but it has been super busy on my end. 
This past weekend I celebrated my birthday both with myself, family and my mister. 
I was tasked not to do any work the day of. So he sent me to the spa for a lil R & R.
But I didn't stick to that task much because I was prepping for (what I consider my big gift)
my Blogshop bundle for the Atlanta class.  
I was so honored to even be considered to be amongst the tons of other
goodies that Angela and Bri gift to the crew. Still beaming....
To close out the hoorah, the hub took me to The Sun Dial.
On the 71st floor of the Westin we got a chance to take in the city in a way that
we have never seen it and how magical and sparkly it was. 
Everything looked so simple. So easy. 
And beautiful for a change.

We have tossed around the idea of moving. 
Austin...going west somewhere....
I think we are looking for someplace to call our own.
Looking for sidewalks to walk down. 
Local restaurants to call "our favorite spot".  
A Florist that my husband can visit regularly. 
(hint hint)
Food Trucks to test out.  
A community for my mini to find friends in. 
Just a place we can call home. 
Right now, "home" is in Atlanta because my entire family is here. 
But I have never felt like this was my true home. 
I am from upstate New York (Nyack to be specific), but moved down 
to be closer to my mother's sister's family.
That was in fact the best decision ever because I gained sisters and a brother.
But I feel as though I want my family and I to see more and experience 
more than what is available here. 
Or maybe we just need to go out more and get lost in the city.
or stand 71 floors above the madness and traffic. 

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