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Hey there!
So, I am transitioning.
For those of you that aren’t familiar with this term, it basically means that I am growing the chemical relaxer out of my hair. This tends to be a very insecure and frustrating time for women, from a styling perspective, because you are working with 2 different textures of hair. To alter my new normal frizzies and curls, I have I decided to try something that givens an instant transformation and cleans up my look a little. 

1. Start out with slightly poofed hair.  If you have straight hair, give the under layers a little backcomb to create some texture and volume.

2. Grab an elastics headwrap. I prefer to use a neutral color that is close to my hair color. 
** Goody’s Doublewear Headwraps would work perfectly too to add a little shine to your bob

3.Take a hair color ponytail elastic. Secure the ends of your hair into a mini bun. Tuck this into the base of the elastic headwrap. You should now have nice neat bob.

4.With some bobby pins, you can pin back any stray strands, but a few tendrils falling wont hurt.

And there you have it!! Going from long to short hair, has never been this easy, huh?

Post your transformations to Instagram #ATDFAUXBOB

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