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So I gave you a little peek yesterday of today's post.
You were probably so confused of this gloppy goo.
It is seriously the easiest of the Discover Beauty Kitchen DIY's.
Everyone with a cupboard or pantry is guaranteed to have these ingredients and 
it is nearly mess free (unless it's just one of those clumsy days). 
The goal of this Discover Beauty is to get rid of that 
sun damaged, dead skin and prep it for your winter skin care routine.
During the cooler months, no one I know is interested in having dry, cracked skin.
And it seems as old man winter is arriving earlier and earlier, so preparing to 
brave the fierce wind howls as naturally as possible is key.

1) In a small storage container scoop in 1 Tsp of fine grain white sugar. Because I have sensitive skin, I choose a grain that is a bit less abrasive than larger brown sugar granules, which tend to be more harsh on the skin. But you can definitely use Brown Sugar if that it the texture you prefer. 

2) Add about a teaspoon of honey directly into the container. Using a spoon doesn't allow you to get the full portion. 

3) Sift the two ingredients so the sugar coated honey. This makes the honey less tacky for mixing.

4) With a spoon, stir the honey and sugar.  It should wad up onto the teaspoon fairly easily. 

NOTE:These measurements make exactly 1tsp of scrub, good for 2 face washing sessions.
By all means add more of each ingredient to make larger portions.

Cheers to Happy, Healthy Skin!!!


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