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How did I let this happen!!! 
Totally missed my 4 year blogiversary!! 
Having looked back at my very first post, the development is quite obvious.
Yet, the motive has remained the same.
There are a lot less posts about the down side of love
and the layouts from then are almost comical. 
Part of me would love to refresh them all to make the consistent with the current posts, 
but having something to look back on in a reflective manner is 
somewhat essential so you can learn from mistakes and grow upward. 

To my readers, thanks for your feedback and daily visits. 
Thanks for putting up with my random excerpts on my somewhat scattered life. 
For taking the journey from long distance love into marriage with me. 
From shopgirl to indie designer to corporate cubie, you've been there. 
Cheers to you and to heavy helpings of daily discoveries!


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