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 The ability to spread happiness across the land and web--
An initiative that I would love to make part of my daily goals. 
To walk the town and scope out spots that could use a dash of magic. 
Unexpected magic for the sake of inspiring smiles.
The type of sprinkling that the team from 
cooked up is just perfection. 
And the goal behind it is even better. 
Kinda makes the heart zing, huh!!!

Another lovely bomb dropper is Joy of 
with her simply titled "Make Someone Happy" series
featuring videos of ways to make the town shine a bit with random balloon drops
(sensing a common theme here)
or some sweet cupcake surprises with conversational coos inside!
I mean come on!!!! Don't you want to throw on some rose colored glasses and live this 
mantra out to the fullest extent??
(Yes, my hand is eagerly waving in the air as to answer the question i delivered)

Makes me think about more ways to spread the luuuurve.

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