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I am on a constant search for inspiration. 
 My favorite and fail proof source is vintage posters.
My love for Henri de Toulouse Lautrec ignited ages ago. He 
gave me the ability to hear the sounds and smell the tobacco & absinthe-filled 
environmentthrough his prints. For me it has to be transcendental.
With color research, it works similarly. 
The palette has to take me somewhere. Evoke a mood...a story. 
I am not one to drift toward tonal palettes. Even in the winter. I crave the pop. 
 When I make an effort to wear all black or gray, raspberry seems to seep out of the 
corners of the earth and shellack itself to my body. 
I've stopped fighting it, really. 
 No matter how many looks my husband gives me before 
I walk out of the door in the morning. 

To see the posters in their full glory, I've pinned them right ovah here---Kel

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