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It's Friday Y'all!!!
I am so in need of this vacay. 
These whoppin ladies get my sentiments to a 'T'!
I'm not going anywhere fancy...all my family is here in Atlanta. 
Which is nice. No hustlin and bustlin about this year. 
 I am going to be light on the blog front (we'll see if that actually happens)
 But I will be prepping from tons of yesness going into the new year. 

Please remember, 
as you welcome in this season and new year, to be kind to one another. 
Seek and Speak beauty in all things.  
Leave the negative bits about the year and yourself behind.
Remember to breathe--what doesn't come naturally shouldn't come at all. 
Be true to your vision & omit the forces of conformity
Don't miss out on becoming the person you want to be 
because the person you are now is scared.- (Mattie
 Just jump!
I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.
Be Safe! Be Merry! 

Cheers & Bisous, 

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