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Just checking in here. 
such a busy week on my end...but then again is it ever calm. 
(a very good problem to have I think) 
I get terrified if my plate isn't full, but it can occasionally be very taxing on my youth. 
Lord knows a decent sleep hour would be great, but goals must be met.

In the mean time...
Check out these paintings from Xochi Solis!!!
The Austin based mixed media artists' ability to layer color and texture is giving 
me so much fuel right now!! The one on the bottom left kind of reminds me of a sandwich
(I mean that in the most respectable way possible) 

Look how great it looks when they it is applied directly to a wall!!
Kind of wanting to try something similar...I have been experimenting at home during my "free" time (aka procrastination) 
Makes me think about all the different combinations that could be 
created.... Inspiring to it's fullest.


  1. Um, first of all, these paintings are amazing. Second off, I definitely know what you mean about meeting deadlines and not having decent sleep! I reverse my sleep schedule around sometimes because of all I have to do!

    1. Whew... Glad I'm not the only walking around in a daze. Hope it'll all be worth it some day.