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ahhhh the weekend....
Today all the ladies in my family will be surprising my aunt
with a girls night (sleepover) with all the grandgirls in tow. 
(4 minis, me & my 2 cousins & my mother, who is her sister)
We will have sweets and pizza and time for gabbing about husbands. 
I'm pretty pumped, because I seriously love my family. 

Anywho... I know the photo above has nothing to do with a sleepover, 
but more so to do with the crispness that I would love my 
future home to have.  The lighting in my house sucks right now. 
so when I take photos, I have to go through a crazy editing process that kind
of sucks the fun out of doing original posts. 
Just thinking about things I would love to add to make 
this a great hub for you all...
 And I love the pant hangers being used. Reminds of of Oh Joy's blog. 
Well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. 
give yourself a late night mani, sip a little red, and scarf down 
a bag of twizzlers or dove squares. 
What ever you do, just enjoy it.
 Cheers & Bisous---Kel

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  1. Kel, I think it's cool that all of you girls are hanging out together. I think things like that precious. I hope you all had fun. Perhaps one of your future posts will narrate a little of how things went.

    And yes! Thanks for sharing that image, just staring at it makes me happy. It did be fantastic to own a space as such! "Crispness" is indeed the word. Like fresh fruits...ok I better go now. :)