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It is in fact Friday!
Let's all let that deep sigh out. 
I wanted to give a recap of the week, some reco's, 
some whoopwhoops in the form of Link Love.
Some for (r-ki-tekt), some of inspiration which will give a hint 
about a special project I am working on for the Spring.
I get butterflies just thinking about it and can't wait to 
share it with you all. 

When you are in need of Retail Therapy

An Appreciation for the Prints

We're a pretty badass brood so, me and Chloe got matching tatts...

Glad to be apart of the ideation and mood building phase for Basik 855 

The most darling illustration of a Sunday Brunch look outfitted with a  TasselTail

I have been listening to these songs non stop. They are night and day---dont judge me

I have a new favorite friend and we are inseparable these days...

I am FINALLY on board with this.... changing my cable plan just to keep up

I hope your week has been fulfilling, whether busy or boring.
Declare to craft it to your liking and create a happiness molded perfectly 
for you. Whatever that may be. Cheers- Kel

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