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 2012 was definitely a year of growth for the blog.
I look back posts and cringe at times. But hey, if that didn't happen that 
it would mean that I was a sitting duck. 
The most obvious addition and development was my inclusion of CubeLifeStyle. 
Based on the first couple of posts, I totally didn't foresee it being 
a capsule for my ever changing coifs. 
I figured we could take a dance through the past.
So, shall we.... 


 This one is hard to swallow. 
I miss my bangs!!!  I loved my bangs. 
(pardon me while I mourn their lose)
This whole transitioning business ain't for the weak or easily swayed. 
But I am chugging through it...Still.

 As busy as I always say that I am, I can totally be lazy. 
For those days, I always have a "braid it up" style up my sleeve. 
But when I want a little razzle dazzle 
(sorry for the cheesy add, I have been wanting to watch Chicago)
I used my Goody Wave Creator Curling wand. 
Seriously my favorite tool ever. Super easy to use with 
amaze-ball results. You can pick one up here

And finally my slicked back do. 
Whenever I where my hair back people tell me I look like a 
completely different person. Not sure about how true that is, but hey that's
more convenient than plastic surgery, wigs, caked on make up or a body double.

Anywhooooo.... I will be welcoming 2013 with 
a new Cube Life Style of this style
If you would like for me to feature a particular 
style, inbox me! I'm always looking for new do's!!!---Kel

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