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How great are these prints by Inaluxe???
When a comfortable balance between neutrals and electric color is 
achieved, my eyes get excited.
I for one am a late bloomer in the love for pink department. 
It actually began when started blogging, but it has taken many forms.
The Blushes, the Bubblegums, The Hots, The Neons....Now I just encapsulate 
them all and say pink. But I digress...

Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd create beautifully printed graphic blends
using the best techniques and materials, while remaining sustainable
They tend to remind me of interiors in the 70s--- possibly from the linen backgrounds
and rich mustard gratuitously used.

With a philosophy of just making it beautiful, 
what's not to love!
Check out their inspiring blog too!

 Discover Art more art here---Kel

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