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  "With colour, clever geometry, and subtle wit; with investigative zeal 
and a curious roving eye; with ideas both outlandish and easy to understand, 
Carl Kleiner seamlessly combines countless photographic facets to 
create a body of work that's fun, clever, and everything in between."
--Alex Moshakis, It's Nice That

My sentiments exactly...
When I stumbled across these 
I immediately fell back into my desk in high school. 
Discovering planes in Geometry class.
 (one my favorite subjects because of how essential it was when learning about perspective in the the arts) 
 I remember being challenged to try to create new polyhedrons
only to learn that you haven't succeeded.

I love this Golden Pyramid print.
It reminds me of Briela, with its cool breath and little hint and pop 
of pink that carries it away. 

To see way more of Carl Kleiner visit his shop and portfolio.
Homage to Calder is a stunning collaborative effort with Evelina Kleiner 
take a look see: 

Carl Kleiner
on Vimeo.

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