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 Hey ya!!!
Winter skin blows.
I think we all (who live in seasonal areas) have similar sentiments
when it is 25 degrees outside with heaps of wind blasting your face.
I already gave you tips on how to care for your skin & lips
during the winter months.
But I wanted to tell you how to save that oh so sweet and valuable time.  
If your anything like me, you purchase lip balms 5 at a time and 
scatter them everywhere you go.
(in the car, two purses, my desk, my daughters backpack...just in case) 
I typically layer my lip balms with a color, never seem to have "the one" when 
 I'm looking for it. 
So I figured, why not make this easier and combine my 
two favs! 

 1. You will need a tub of Carmex (or your choice of lip balm in a tin) and a lip color. 
Wet n Wild has great colors, but the glide isn't really there so this a perfect use for it!
2. Scoop out the lip balm into a mini container with a plastic knife.
3. Slice 1/4" of lip color and add it to the lip balm
4. Melt the mixture for 30-45 seconds in the microwave (or you can do it stove top) 
just make sure all the clumps are liquified. 
5. Pour the melted mixture back into the original lip balm tub and 
place it in the freezer for 5 minutes

Et Voila!!!! 
Your custom lip color that will help eliminate the 8 lip products that are currently 
taking up real estate in your bag.
Have a bit more fun and blend 2 lip colors and make something new.
I will most likely use these two for a new pot.

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  1. Hi Cadet,
    This is such a great and easy DIY. Thanks for sharing it :)
    Love your three pictures with that super cute hat.
    XO Wil Harris