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Happy Wednesday Beauts!
If you have a tons of old makeup that you can't bear to part with because you 
paid so much for it this is the perfect DIY for you!

I have all these loose eyeshadow pigments that I never use, because 
I rarely go out with a full face. So I hoard them "just in case". 
I stumbled upon a DIY on pinterest and thought it would be 
fun and easy so now I'm bringing it to you! 

What you'll need
Clear Top Coat Nail Polish
Loose or crushed eyeshadow
Cupcake liners or container to hold mixture
 1. Pour a nickel size amount of pigment into your liner
2. Add a few large drops of the clear nail polish
3. Stir the mixture until fully blended and clump-free.
4. Using the brush from nail polish bottle, dip it in the new nail color and BAM!!! 
Your very own nail color
(Mini makes a cameo---I wasn't ready to give up on my mani)
No worries, you can easily clean the nail polish brush with acetone(remover) 
before dipping it back into the original bottle

Now go round up some more of those broken palettes that are creating
rainbow dust on your bathroom counter top and make a medley of colors
Hope you all enjoyed this one!   
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 All photos by ATD
(can't for the life of me find the pin but if you know the original source let me know so I can give proper credit) 

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