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The week is not yet over but the lesson I have learned thus far is 
"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that 
no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy." (Robert Tew) 
Though comfort and stability maybe, well, comfortable... 
it can be the most paralyzing state one could ever be in. 
You know when you can feel the waters changing? 
It's getting choppy, darker, and colder and 
you are drifting further away from the coast and you are without a buoy. 
That's me. I'm focused on the "prize", but there are fragments that are 
becoming heavier from a emotional perspective that 
I have noticed are setting me back  
 On top of that, I have been treating myself horribly. 
Sleeping late, eating crap, wearing my flannels 
(much to le hubs dismay, but he's been super supportive) 
and I can't even remember the last time 
went to zumba. I feel gross. And I can't even talk about the lack of 
time I have with Chlo without having an internal chastisement session. 
Maybe I just need a nap or maybe something else needs to shake. 
All in all, remember yourselves in all that you do. No matter what the 
overall vision may be, if it's got your panky's in more of a bunch than they already 
are, it's time to do some adjusting. 
(and yes, I stepped outside of myself to tell 'me' the same message)
Bon Nuit...Kel

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