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By now you may have seen these shots of the 
Grand Madame of Troop My Pretty Pony--- Kelly Osbourne.
Since she came back on the the scene as a style force, 
I have been giving her whispered swoons. 
I never covered her in my Girl Crushes. I am ashamed really, 
because, even through her days of causing ruckus, I still liked her style. 
Believe it or not, i was a little "darker" than I am now.
(We all are/were.)
So when The Coveteur covered her closet, a little chill of excitement 
washed over me, knowing that 
 there would definitely be two things in abundance: Chanel and Metal. 
Ding Ding Ding!!!! I was right. Head over to The Coveteur to check out the 
full post. ---Kel

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